Wednesday, April 13, 2011

confetti balloon play

what you need: 
- balloon - at least somewhat see-through
- paper
- hole-punch or scissors
- funnel or tube of some sort
- string

- make some confetti - using a hole-punch or just cut up some tiny strips of paper
- insert a funnel or tube into the mouth of your balloon
(i used a thread bobbin tube) and pour your confetti into the balloon
- blow up balloon and tie a string on and tape/tie to your ceiling/ceiling beam
- play time!

both Ji and St had fun with it....well, i did too! Ji and i ping-ponged it to each other which amused St, then St played with it which amused us :) - i put him within hand's reach of the balloon (...he had the most fun, when he was in his bouncer) and he waved his little hands and feet trying to hit it. and when he succeeded he started screeching with joy - it was so cute :)

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