Tuesday, October 25, 2011

best ever liver-pork-pâté!

this is a recipe from my mom's good friend.
the first time i tasted this pâté i fell in love with it...everyone does!

...i didn't want to put easy in the title, since all of the recipes i post are easy, but it really is easy. i even compared it to pâté recipes in my cookbook and all of them had much more ingredients and were also more complicated.

300g ground pork liver (1 liver is approx 500-600g)
900g ground streaky pork (the bacon cut)
1 large finely chopped onion
20g salt
1 tsp peper
2 tsp of seasoning - i use either trader joe's 21seasoning salute or alnatura klare gemusebruhe
mason jars and lids

3 STEPS: 1. MIX thoroughly with your hands or in your kitchen aid - smaller portions and on low.
2. FILL jars only 2/3 full (if you fill it more, the juices will get under the lid and it won't be able to suction.
3. COOK - lightly boil for 2hrs.

notes and tips:
- for those of you who have a meat grinder, grind it yourself :)! - i have a grinder attachment to my favorite(!!!) kitchen appliance - kitchen aid :).
- if the lid doesn't end up suctioning, which has happened to me many times - put in freezer or give out to friends for ealry consumption :)!
- 1 liver makes a batch of approx 10 300ml jars(filled only 2/3!)

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