Sunday, February 19, 2012

carrot scissor pouch tutorial

- scissors
- outer fabic
- lining fabric - i like to use ikea bolmull
- ribbon or make your own bias tape ribbon ;)
- for template: carboard paper - cheerios box ;) and ruler

1. make a template (sorry, no photo):
 - outline a "carrot" on your pattern-cheerios-box-paper
aprox. 1,75cm larger than your scissors, then cut out.

2. cut fabric:
- using your template, trace 2 outer-fabric
and 2 lining-fabric "carrots"
- cut 2 pieces of ribbon - 15cm long

3. sew ribbon into place with the "right-sides"(if you're
using prints, etc.) of the fabrics facing each other, then
turn inside out.


4.  press(iron) so the lining fabic won't be "showing"
when both halves are sewn together

 5. pin both halves together with the right-sides
facing in (linig facing out)

6. sew together - carefuly, since you have 4 layers
of you don't make overlapping creases
like i did - luckily it doesn't show on the outside!

7. turn right-side out and topstitch and voila!

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