Tuesday, September 11, 2012


turn your cup upside down and draw on the bottom!
i used:
- dishware-safe and dishwasher-safe PEBEO markers (these require "baking" )
- and these really(!!!) cheap IKEA cups
important!: you need to make sure that your cup/dishware has a raised rim, otherwise when in use, you will end up scraping off the drawing. the ikea cups have a raised ring, but warning! - they also have their labeling on it, but it didn't bother me and i worked around it :)
it's fun to drink out of and completely food/liquid safe, since the paint is on the outside.
- if you are using these markers for the first time, it's good to try it out on what i call a "doodle jar" (which is now my paint water jar)
- this is not much of a craft for small children (like my Ji) - it requires some patience, especially if you are also drawing on the circumference of the cup
- if you mess up, don't worry!...if it's still wet, wipe it off, if dry scrape it off - i use my glass-stove-top-scraper.
p.s. this is a general decorating tip/trick - i used dots here because i love dots, but they can also be helpful when it's hard to draw a straight line/outines. i came up with this trick when i was decorating christmas cookies....i was having a hard time to draw straight lines with the unruly frosting. so i came up with "dotting" - it made nice, unmessy outlines and looked cute too! 

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