Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Napping outside!

Our regular afternoon walk (that is, unless
it's not way too cold or furiously snowing):

After the walk baby St has a nap outside...

  When I moved here I was really surprised to find out that parents have their babies sleep outside in their strollers, even in the winter! even in freezing temps!…..living most of my prior life in Arizona I thought “poor babies, they’ll freeze outside.” But as long as they’re bundled up enough (ex.: onesie + insulated winter-suit + winter hat + insulated sleep-sac + blanket + cover + any other needed additional layers) they won’t :)! When Ji was a baby, his dr. told me a quick and simple way to find out if he’s warm enough – touch his nose, if it’s warm, he’s warm also!
  After a walk I just park the stroller outside of our house under the roof, turn on the baby monitor and check up on him every 15 minutes or so.
  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we too could take a cozy nap like this outside with fresh mountain air, and sounds of a babbling brook and birds singing in the background?! :)

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