Saturday, February 26, 2011

mouse house

Ji had been telling me about some imaginary mice that lived under his bed (....yes, they truly were imaginary!), so one night i decided to stitch up some felt ones. it was a fun surprise for him to find them the next day under his bed.....good thing he wasn't disappointed that they weren't real! 
anyways, so they wouldn't get lost all over the place, we made them a little house (Ji applied the glue and did the coloring :):

p.s. your house doesn't have to be for your mice ;), but
 it's much more fun when it's meant for an inhabitant!

note - i use the kitchen knife(the dull side)
for making the bending or crease lines

take apart your box, draw the cut and crease lines,
then cut out your house(don't forget the gluing flaps!)
and openings and make bending/crease lines

then glue together and voila!

and have fun coloring, gluing on colored paper, whatever you (...or your mice :) ) like!

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