Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tiny airplane

 last week, i stumbled upon some wooden cutouts, that i bought a couple of years ago (....well, more like 10yrs ago...pfff, i'm getting old!), intended for making trees for my school models....ended up not using them and a year ago was actually thinking of getting rid of them while on a cleaning-the-attic streak, but i'm glad i didn't, cause they sure came in handy to make a tiny airplane :)

- elliptical cutouts - precut or DIY - wooden or even card stock (i bought the bag of assorted wooden cutouts way back then i think at Michael's)
- xacto knife - for cutting slits, and elliptical shapes if you don't have premade cutouts like i did
- glue
- color (the most important, kid-part) - pencils, paint, markers, etc.  or just colored card stock .....i like the colored pencils on wood the best!
- optional - jump ring, string/thread .....for playing with it! :)
i think the photos of the finished plane are pretty self-explanatory of where to cut the slits in the ellipses. after cutting, color them out and then glue together - since it's tiny, try to use the least amount of glue possible, so there aren't gobs of glue all over the airplane. then, it's play-time!...we attached a jump-ring and "flew" it on a thread flight-course taped to our ceiling beams :)

p.s. with a couple more of them, they would also make a great mobile!

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