Thursday, August 9, 2012

black current syrup

i'm not that fond of black currents to eat fresh off the bush, but this is THE BEST berry syrup i have ever had and i finally had enough black currents to make make it this year :)

the recipe is form a different friend than the aronia syrup recipe, so it's a little different :

- 4 kg of black currents
- 2 liters water
- 50 g of citric acid
- sugar - for every 1 liters of current juice 1 1/2 kg of sugar

- MUSH the berries by hand (try to mush all of them), ADD citric acid, cover and let stand for 2 days to ferment
- STRAIN the juice from the berries and try to squeeze out all of the remaining juice from berries (do it over the strainer).
- in a pot combine juice with SUGAR and bring to a BOIL and remove from burner.
- GATHER and discard the foam from the top (so it doesn't go moldy).
- FILL bottles and cap. (my friend also recommended before putting the top on, dipping it in the citric acid to help preserve).

p.s. my friend uses this recipe for all kinds of berries.
p.p.s. you can recycle and use empty glass bottles with twist-off tops.

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