Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sandwich napkin-bags

made some cloth sandwich napkin bags for my nephew, who is starting kindergarten in a couple of days :)
(inspired by ikea pillow cases, only with the flap on the outside!)

really easy...
- cut desired size (plus flap)
- with the fabric heighth-wise, sew a top and bottom seam,
- fold over with what is going to be the outside facing in with the flap folded in and pin sides,
- sew the right and left sides together + zigzag edge stitch,
- turn inside out (you will have the flap open), put sandwich inside and flip flap closed! yay!
- after you finish eating, you can use it as a napkin ;)

p.p.s. when washing make sure you rince well and don't use fabric softener so it doesn't get into your food!

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