Saturday, January 28, 2012

fleece knee patches

i don't know what kind of gymnastic acts Ji has been doing at preschool, but lately he has been coming home with a new hole in his long johns and play pants almost every day! and eventhough i love sewing, i REALLY hate mending...well,i guess probably everybody does! and since my mended holes have come home as even bigger holes and plain ol' iron-on patches weren't working very well either, i decided i had to make a more heavy duty kind of solution...fleece patches! i think they're cute and the extra cushioning is also great! hope it lasts!

1. cut out patches                                                                       
2. apply fabric glue                                                                       
3. zig-zag stitch                                                                          

1. didn't have my chalk w/ me, so i just pressed a cup against the fleece and twisted it to the right and left a couple of times to leave a mark- quick and easy! btw - if you want an oval shape patch, do 2 overlapping circles.
2. apply fabric glue (i have a dritz fabric glue stick) to patch and glue on to pants...since the knee area is a pretty tight squeeze to do on the sewing machine (and there was no way i was going to hand-sew 3 pairs of johns!...did that already in the fall), i did glue instead of pinning! 
3. zig-zag stich around patch - voila!
p.s. if your hole i a bit larger, you will want to stitch up the hole before doing the patch, so your little one doesn't catch his toes in it! :)     

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