Monday, January 23, 2012

MY stirring whisk :)

we put away our christmas tree this week and so i gave the stirring whisk project a try...
and it went pretty well :)

i cut the trunk into sections and then debarked them. since i watered our tree every day, it was still pretty fresh, so it was pretty easy to debark it, plus it made our living room smell sooo nice!

now i just have to carve the date onto it, let it dry out and then give it a nice coat of kitchen linseed oil.

here are my tips:
- try to do this project while the tree is still a little fresh, it makes it easier! with dry trees it might help to put the whisk sections into water for a day or so(like my dad suggested)... 
- cut the side(whisk) branches longer than you need and trim after debarking.
- to make a rounded end i used my gardening scissors to chomp around it - much easier than doing it with a knife. 

p.s. like my fish knife? :) i've had this since i was a kid! almost every kid had one of these...they're not too sharp(only if you sharpen it ;). an they still sell them!


  1. To je super! Letos se taky chystám vyzkoušet, zatím ještě stromeček stojí nazdobený, tak až příjde jeho čas, ale asi ho budu muset na chvíli namočit....jsem zvědavá. A rybička- ano pamatuju, hezká vzpomínka! Pozdravení do hor posílá Radka

    1. tak pak dej vedet jak to dopadlo s tim namocenim :)!...jeste se zkusim zeptat mistniho kosikare jestli to nevi...

  2. What a nice blog you have... with a lot of nice pictures!!
    Yes I think this is a very funny way to recylcle the christmas tree!!
    Nice to meet you