Thursday, June 16, 2011


i've had a bunch of boys' socks in need of toe-repair in my "repair basket" for a couple of months(!!!) and had been contemplating, if i should repair them or just up/down cycle them as cleaning rags, when the other day i got the idea of making quick and easy play pea-bags out of them...didn't have beans at home ;)

Ji had fun filling them.....and chasing all the run-away peas :)

we had fun throwing them into a basket and cardboard-box-lion's-mouth (easy!). and even dad joined us on this one! the bottom seam with sewing machine
2. fill with peas ;)                 the top part(to hold the peas in place)
4. sew the top seam
5. cut off excess fabric
(6. use the scraps as cleaning rags :)