Friday, December 2, 2011

easy standing felt christmas tree

 i was making an ornament-a-day felt xmas tree for the boys, and Ji wanted to make his own, so we made an easier version for him - not that mine is anything difficult, but i was making a sewn and stuffed version that will have a wooden stand...that i still need to finish :s .....Ji dressed his already :)
Ji's tree:
corrugated cardboard
tools: pencil, scissors, glue stick
1. CUT OUT cb triangle and 2 rectangles (stand)
2. TRACE, CUT and GLUE felt
3. make STAND

 1. cut out the triangle with the ribs going verticallly - this is important so you can stick your toothpick into one of the ribs (that way, it will be hidden and won't make a bump under the felt).
2. cut the triangles a little larger than the drawn triangle - it looks better ;), use 2 different greens - more fun :), glue with glue STICK - liquid glue could soak through the felt.
3. glue the 2 rectangles together (plain or "x"), make a hole in the center w/ your toothpick, then apply glue to both ends and stick one end into your stand and slide other end into the center rib of the cardboard

with felt scraps, thread, string....anything that will latch onto the felt (.....or when doing with older children you can use pins to pin on just about anything!)
or you can glue on your "ornaments", but i like the no-glue method more, since you can redress your tree as you like :)
tip: we found it best to decorate by holding the tree in the air by its toothpick - gives you more control   


  1. Great Idea. Easy and can be made from scraps..Thanks

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. I was looking for an easy mess-free kid craft for a party I'm throwing this weekend. This is a wonderful idea. I think we'll give it a test run this afternoon! Thanks.

  4. Thanks for this post! It was such a cute, simple, quick craft that I was able to do with my preschool class. I linked you in my latest post!

  5. Thanks for the great idea! I changed it a bit but your post was the inspiration. I linked to you in my post - it publishes in a couple of days. Thanks again for the easy and fun ideas!