Monday, March 14, 2011

paper garland wand

it is REALLY quick and easy to make!!!
takes only 10 minutes and the fun is everlasting!
all you need is:
- plain paper - it "flies" the best!
- scissors
- wand - mine is a wooden craft-stick,
but anything will do - even pencil :)! 
- sewing machine

 - cut paper lengthwise into strips about 4cm wide and have your kids cut them into smaller strips....if they're not all the same width, the better ;)!

- then slowly feed the strips into your sewing machine, leaving gaps between them about 0.5 to 1cm long - Ji and i turned this part into a color game having him find and hand me the color i called out.
- the final length of our garland is 1m, which seems to be the best length - long enough for a nice flying tail but not too long to get tangled!
- tie garland to wand - make a little notch on your wand where you are going to tie your garland on so it doesn't slip.


  1. I love this & I know my girls would too- I'm putting it on the to do list! :) Thanks for sharing such a fun idea!


  2. How cute! My playgroup is planning an ART in the PARK day and this will work great!!