Thursday, February 28, 2013

lego travel box

we had already been using these boxes for legos while traveling or keeping Ji busy at restaurants (or other places that involved waiting), but usually the lego creations were all over the place, so i came up with this lego board insert to help contain the legos in or near the container :) and for more fun!

the board was originally intended to attach 3d creations, but as soon as i had it flipped open, i realized it would be great for 2d also - letters/shapes, pictures, designs, games, etc!

what you need:
- lego board
- xacto or utility knife
- cutting mat of some sort
- metal ruler/cutting edge
- before you start cutting, make a layout so you can make the maximum amount lego board inserts!
- it's best to cut the bottom's easier to cut through holes than over bumps ;)
- the more precise you cut the boards the better the fit!'s up to you if you want to glue the board onto the lid or not...if the kids get used to holding the board while taking the legos off, you don't need the glue - this way you can have it as a detachable board as well, but for smaller children it might be better to glue it on...
- the board is hard, so be really carefull while cutting! 
- after cutting the length and witdth, don't forget to cut the corners
- after finished, try it out yourself!.....i did ;)