Saturday, February 26, 2011

mouse house

Ji had been telling me about some imaginary mice that lived under his bed (....yes, they truly were imaginary!), so one night i decided to stitch up some felt ones. it was a fun surprise for him to find them the next day under his bed.....good thing he wasn't disappointed that they weren't real! 
anyways, so they wouldn't get lost all over the place, we made them a little house (Ji applied the glue and did the coloring :):

p.s. your house doesn't have to be for your mice ;), but
 it's much more fun when it's meant for an inhabitant!

note - i use the kitchen knife(the dull side)
for making the bending or crease lines

take apart your box, draw the cut and crease lines,
then cut out your house(don't forget the gluing flaps!)
and openings and make bending/crease lines

then glue together and voila!

and have fun coloring, gluing on colored paper, whatever you (...or your mice :) ) like!

Monday, February 21, 2011

simple paper wall art

the other day i stumbled upon some really cheap red and yellow wrapping paper and when i got home i found out, that it was double sided - red/orange and yellow/green - great :)!
it really came in handy today, since Ji is sick with the flu and i've been trying to cheer him up with some quick and cheerful projects.
                                             - large pieces of paper
                                             - scissors
                                             - masking tape

this took 5 minutes! - just cut paper strips in different widths and folded
down the top corners and then taped it to the wall with masking tape.

 then i cut up rectangles of different sizes and Ji taped them on to his
liking. and we added a silhouette of Mates into one window :).

Saturday, February 19, 2011

start/stop car pouch

everyday morning Ji picks 2 cars to take with him to preschool. he usually carries them in his hands (sometimes stuffs them in his pocket), so i made him this little start/stop car pouch to carry them in. (this way  we can also keep better track of the cars he takes home - which are sometimes not his... :)


Friday, February 11, 2011


here's Ji sledding with his stearable sled that he got for xmas:
(i tried it too and it's really fun!....but i kinda felt like a grizzly in a mini cooper :))

Saturday, February 5, 2011

deer watching

we live on the outskirts of the village with forests behind our house, so we see deer pass by very often, especially in the winter when they scavenge the village for food. my husband built this manger 2 yrs ago so Ji could watch the deer from close up and it's a wonderful sight!

lately they don't seem to care for the hay too much, since our neighbor's cat has started sleeping on it (i often see him crawling out in the morning, stretching after a good night's sleep) but they do love the grains we toss under the manger for them :). 

p.s. the photos were taken from our dining room window!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

baby faces

all swaddled up, being rocked in his rocker
and not wanting to go to sleep, but making
irresistible baby faces at me :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Napping outside!

Our regular afternoon walk (that is, unless
it's not way too cold or furiously snowing):

After the walk baby St has a nap outside...

  When I moved here I was really surprised to find out that parents have their babies sleep outside in their strollers, even in the winter! even in freezing temps!… most of my prior life in Arizona I thought “poor babies, they’ll freeze outside.” But as long as they’re bundled up enough (ex.: onesie + insulated winter-suit + winter hat + insulated sleep-sac + blanket + cover + any other needed additional layers) they won’t :)! When Ji was a baby, his dr. told me a quick and simple way to find out if he’s warm enough – touch his nose, if it’s warm, he’s warm also!
  After a walk I just park the stroller outside of our house under the roof, turn on the baby monitor and check up on him every 15 minutes or so.
  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we too could take a cozy nap like this outside with fresh mountain air, and sounds of a babbling brook and birds singing in the background?! :)