Sunday, April 28, 2013


i joined the spring kids clothes week challenge as soon as i found about it. i was very excited, hoping to get some cute clothes made for the boys, but unfortunately this week - the week of the challenge, turned out to be the busiest i've had in a while. so by the evening i was always too tired to even clean my desk for some sewing.....BUT by saturday/yesterday, everything settled down a little and first on my list was something i truely hate! to do - motivation was to have a "clean slate" before i started something new. i mended 9 pairs of play-pants with knee holes using fleece fabric scraps. the only creative part was choosing the colors, but at least the boys have a bunch of almost new pants that can be worn to preschool again! :)

p.s. i used my cup-press method to make the marks for the circles for cutting...easier than tracing!

now off to sew some striped seersucker shorts - yay!....i hope the sewing goes well!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

spring planter-animals

we glued a piece of felt onto the same size piece of paper,
drew the outline on the paper side and then cut it out,
then glued on the paper eye and beak(to the back).
tip: felt/fabric is so much easier for kids to cut out when glued to paper!!!

glued some wooden veneer crafting shapes together,
then glued on some cutout paper features - eyes, nose, cheeks. 
.....cardstock is great for this too! :)

p.s. instead of popsicle sticks we used coffee/tea stirring sticks