Thursday, March 31, 2011

mail/garbage carrier

all you need:

recommendation for cutting the box - i find it the best to take apart the glued top/bottom and lay the box flat and cut in one line, instead of having to cut all around and ending up a bit off the start point, and then re-glue the  closure again.

when we finished making the mail-carrier and i attached it to Ji's vehicle(JD tractor, that is way to small for him now, but he still loves it!), he announced that he will be a garbage man instead and that he wants to collect garbage....luckily after we made some pretend mail with our stamps i persuaded him back to the mail man gig!!! garbage...maybe next time ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

fun postage stamps!

fun to play with or use as "additional" postage ;) on your real mail!

all you need is:
- brown paper tape (found at office supply stores)
- stamps and stamp pads can find a great tutorial for making your own stamps here!
- zigzag scissors

Monday, March 14, 2011

paper garland wand

it is REALLY quick and easy to make!!!
takes only 10 minutes and the fun is everlasting!
all you need is:
- plain paper - it "flies" the best!
- scissors
- wand - mine is a wooden craft-stick,
but anything will do - even pencil :)! 
- sewing machine

 - cut paper lengthwise into strips about 4cm wide and have your kids cut them into smaller strips....if they're not all the same width, the better ;)!

- then slowly feed the strips into your sewing machine, leaving gaps between them about 0.5 to 1cm long - Ji and i turned this part into a color game having him find and hand me the color i called out.
- the final length of our garland is 1m, which seems to be the best length - long enough for a nice flying tail but not too long to get tangled!
- tie garland to wand - make a little notch on your wand where you are going to tie your garland on so it doesn't slip.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


this is for my sister :)

i was planning on making an ice-suncatcher this winter, but my sister really urged me to do so, since she would have loved to make one, only arizona weather doesn't get quite cold enough to make any sort of outdoor ice project...

all you need is: a plastic container, piece of twine and some leaves/flowers/twigs - Ji and i used some rose hips and dried: lavender, flax bulbs and heart grass. 
- pour water over arrangement and loop of twine and let freeze overnight. and hurry up before winter ends :)!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tiny airplane

 last week, i stumbled upon some wooden cutouts, that i bought a couple of years ago (....well, more like 10yrs ago...pfff, i'm getting old!), intended for making trees for my school models....ended up not using them and a year ago was actually thinking of getting rid of them while on a cleaning-the-attic streak, but i'm glad i didn't, cause they sure came in handy to make a tiny airplane :)

- elliptical cutouts - precut or DIY - wooden or even card stock (i bought the bag of assorted wooden cutouts way back then i think at Michael's)
- xacto knife - for cutting slits, and elliptical shapes if you don't have premade cutouts like i did
- glue
- color (the most important, kid-part) - pencils, paint, markers, etc.  or just colored card stock .....i like the colored pencils on wood the best!
- optional - jump ring, string/thread .....for playing with it! :)
i think the photos of the finished plane are pretty self-explanatory of where to cut the slits in the ellipses. after cutting, color them out and then glue together - since it's tiny, try to use the least amount of glue possible, so there aren't gobs of glue all over the airplane. then, it's play-time!...we attached a jump-ring and "flew" it on a thread flight-course taped to our ceiling beams :)

p.s. with a couple more of them, they would also make a great mobile!