Sunday, September 15, 2013

cheerios box dragon wings

our favorite movie at the moment is "how to train a dragon" we had to make some dragon wings!

take apart a cereal box and...
we made St's tail using the side flap, but Ji wanted the bottom part of the tail(top part on the photo)  wider than the flap was, and he wanted the crease, so we made it on the crease. 
...we left the outside plain(cheerios cover), since the wings stay pretty much open and the boys didn't mind, but you could also glue some construction paper on to hide the cover.
to attach:
wings: make 2 holes on each side of the middle piece(...first photo) and thread some string or ribbon through the holes, or you can cut short incisions on the ends of the creases and just latch the string/ribbon in place. then tie around the arms.
tail: i just folded the tail into the waistband of their pants and that way it stands out a bit instead of laying flat. you can secure it with masking tape, or you could also tape it to the bottom of the wings.

little dragons in action :)

update - here is a link to a fancier pair of wings we made ;)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

tiny lego gift

 when Ji's friend was visiting, he was admiring Ji's hanging legos, so i sent him a little gift :)
 drill a hole in the center of the lego using a tiny drill bit,
string it and tie a knot at the end,
hang - individually or tie 2 onto a wooden dowel to make a mobile
just one piece of lego and some string
.....and it makes a lego kid so happy! :)