Sunday, January 27, 2013

my little bears

it's carneval season again....
i knew i needed to keep the costumes simple. Ji usualy runs around with his friends the whole time and ends up taking off obstructive parts of his costumes, and little St doesn't enjoy any type of getting dressed too much...
the boys were watching the czech cartoon "the bears from kolin" the other day, and the bears look just like them - tall and slim and small and plump :), so i got the idea of having them dress as the bears. Ji liked it too, so that was that! :)
i ordered the fabric and picked out some nice fitting t-shirts that the boys had and Ji's baseball cap as patterns and used some helpful tips i found here and here... 
i was pretty pleased with the outcome, since this was only my second(and third) time sewing a
t-shirt, but i was also VERY reluctant to be finished, phew!
p.s. the cap is made from felt fabric :)
here are the boys trying their costumes on.....St took off his ears after about 10 seconds (lol!),

Thursday, January 24, 2013

a wintery ray of rainbow

sorry for the smudges in the window(...this is from the boys' room),
but see the little ray of rainbow in the left corner? :)