Tuesday, May 15, 2012

fabric stamp designed by Ji

no, i'm not still on "vacation". we have been home for almost month already and i haven't posted because i have been busy with mainly...uh hum...spring cleaning (especially organizing winter and outgrown boys' clothing into boxes and then up into our attic).

we did this with Ji about a year ago and i use the bag for grocery shopping every week ;)!  
the idea came from this wonderful book: Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin.

you need:
- have your child draw a design,
- pen and paper,
- craft foam paper,
- piece of cardboard,
- piece of fabric,
- fabric paint
- roller or a sponge 

1. trace drawing onto craft foam paper    
- first trace the original drawing onto another
piece of paper, then trace onto the foam paper
making sure it indents through onto the foam
btw - the paper will tear...                                 
2. cut out and glue onto cardboard               
3. using roller or sponge apply fabric paint to the stamp
4. have your child do the printing (we used this IKEA fabric)

5. and you do the sewing ;)

p.s.  it's supposed to be a flower :)
at first he drew one stem, then he looked at it, drew another,
looked at it again and said "and now i need to connect it here..."
it was so cute to watch him draw it:)
it reminds me of a little cloud with a ladder.